Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Pancake Day

Everyone except me was sick over the weekend, and so I spent it as a Mum, running around looking after everyone, cooking, ironing, washing etc…

A Big Up to all the mums out there that do that day in day out. Especially my lovely wife, thank you.

The highlight of the weekend was teaching my 2 year old son to break dance and electric boogaloo, which some how always ends up him doing monkey impressions.

I noticed at lunch time that Holland & Barrett sell Love Bar’s, “that go straight to the male and female love organs”. Or some such nonsense, WTF !

Other news is my Laptop needs an overhaul. It’s getting slower and slower. Therefore, I spent last night going through it and deleting all the shit apps I have put on and tried over the last 15 months. I then had to go through the registry and manually delete all the residual fingerprints of the un-installed apps that weren’t removed. I’ll see if that improves performance, if not it’s time for a fresh install.

Which would make me think of installing MS Media Centre 2005 O/S? For something different. Anyone out there had experience with Media Centre?

That’s about it. Payday and pancake day today… two things to look forward to.

Later days

Friday, February 24, 2006

Irony revisited

We had an estate agent (or Realtor in local slang) around tonight desperately trying to get our business (at their usual extortionate fees).

I was hesitant.

So this obnoxiously pushy woman wanted to know why I wouldn't sign with her. I finally got really annoyed and told her one of the main reasons we're leaving Canada is coz of the constant pushy sales people trying to part you from your money 24 hours a day.

She agreed with me entirely.

It was disgraceful.

She hated it.

So....would I sign now?

And yet, if I killed her and buried her in a ditch, it would be my fault. Go figure.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Has to be a first

As I pulled up to the Mickey D’s drive-thru window last night, poor little Nemo unloaded his entire stomach contents all over the back seat; which made my other boy in the front seat dry heave.

Must be the first time kids have puked before eating their Happy Meal.

Thought I would share that with you.

Plus, why don’t people whistle anymore. I love to here a good whistled tune.

Ah well, those were the days…

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Two Sides of the Coin

Having Kids is great, I mean it’s the best thing ever, and would only be beaten by winning £130 million on the Lottery.

However, when your children are sick, it breaks your heart. You feel so bad, it hurts.

Little Nemo, has been sick with Rosella Infantum (or Baby Measles) for the last week or so, and was just on the road to recovery. Then last night, we heard some very unusual sounds coming from the baby monitor. After rushing up there, all you could see and smell was sick. It was everywhere… the poor little mite.

Anyway, all in all he threw up 4 times last night, and four times we had to hold his little shaking body as he tried to puke and cry at the same time….

Anyway, we’ve had to throw the mattress out as it was covered in Puke, and we had to get a replacement today. Another £100 gone in a blink of an eye.

Poor Little Mite

You’re having a Laugh!

This article made me laugh. It states that due to the mass take up of Broadband in the UK, they feel there will be another price war, which will mean a drop in prices. They even go on to say they expect to see broadband less than £10 a month…

Well come to the FUCKING Isle of Man, and our ONE service provider….

They consider £30 a month to be the cheapest they can afford to go down too, and we are meant to be happy with that. May I add that our contention ratio is also higher than the mainland (50:1, whereas most of the UK is 30:1)

Fleecing Bastard Coonts

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can’t be Arsed

As anyone who might have glance past this site will observe, it has gone to seed. There hasn’t been a decent post in weeks (if ever I hear you cry). There are a number of facts for this. Mostly, everyone else associated with the site is too busy to post, and I have nothing to say. At least, nothing of interest to say.

But, today I have literally NOTHING to do at work at all, I’ve spent the last two days creating a map to show people directions to get to a work colleagues wedding in Ireland. A wedding I must add, that I’m not even invited too…..

So to take a break from that and looking at the clock, I though I would put something down.

I was 39 years old last week, and I am aging gracefully. In fact I am enjoying reaching 40 and the wisdom and calm it brings. No midlife crisis for me. Probably because I have everything; Wife, Children, House, Car, Friends, Family, HDTV, Xbox 360 etc… No bring it on old father time, I’m ready.

That’s about it. Nothing to say, and completely content in my life (apart from the job).

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stealing is good

I've always had this vague guilt. When I bought my first ever CD Player from Colebournes (circa 1984) there was a Strauss CD in it for demo purposes. As the salesguy was boxing my new purchase I kept him distracted so that he wouldn't notice. I kept it :)

As a result I was overjoyed that my CD collection was off to such a wonderful start.

But I've paid; this guilt has had such a huge effect on my life, always looking over my shoulder, never able to settle in one town.

However, I just realised something.

The b*stard sold me a demo model for full price!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chinese State Circus Review

We went to see the Chinese State Circus last night, and I can’t recommend the show highly enough. I’ll try though.

It basically loads of different acts for two hours, and apart from a couple (i.e. the Human Chandelier) it is very entertaining.

They even have Shaolin Monks flying around the stage with sticks, and swords. It’s like watching a live episode of Kung Fu. There are actobats and Dragons/Lions and all sorts going on.

Apart from a few Health & Safety issues I had with the first two acts, I was gob smacked most of the way through.

Go and see it if it’s near you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Perfect and easy romantic meal every time.

I’ve done this meal twice now, and each time I have been very impressed, with the result and the simplicity.

Steak with Sautee Potatoes and Asparagus and mushrooms.

Turn on the Oven at around 200 Degrees.
First off, peel and chop up (not too small, about 2” square) some Red Skinned Potatoes.
Boil with Salt for about 10 mins or until you can easily pierce a potato chunk with a sharp knife and it will slide off.
Now put the Asparagus in a small baking tray with a good dollop of Butter and place it in the pre-heated oven.
Then heat a frying pan with 2 table spoons of Olive Oil and some butter. Once the butter has melted and you add the steaks. Frying them on both sides till they are a nice brown, not a pale brown, but darkish. Normally around 5 mins.
Then place them in a baking tray in the oven. For Medium Steaks, leave them for 11 minutes.
Now fry your boiled potatoes in the Frying pan with 2 table spoons of Olive Oil and some butter, till they are mostly brown all over, which is normally around 10 mins.
In a second frying pan; chop and fry your mushrooms in the frying pan with 2 table spoons of Olive Oil and some butter.
When the steaks are ready, everything else should be, just place on a plate and eat. The last time I did it I also got a Jar of ready made BĂ©arnaise sauce that just need a min in the Microwave.

Which was excellent.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

On behalf of the ethnic minority

This article caught my eye:


Putting aside the whimsical irony of a people violently protesting at being depicted as violent, the author (a Muslim) puts across a remarkably valid point on why the two sides dislike each other so.

"The tension is easy to explain. Europe has failed to integrate its ethnic minorities in a meaningful manner"

(The phrase "there's a boat leaving in the morning" springs to mind)

WHY do these Muslims who love their own cultures and hate ours with equal intensity insist on leaving their homelands in their MILLIONS to come and live in ours?

The subtle Asian conquest of the world will be complete within our own lifetimes. And they'll still be complaining.

p.s. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not very PC. That's a luxury only the majority can afford.

Monday, February 06, 2006


I installed Skype on my laptop this weekend just to see what the fuss was all about, and to let one of the kids talk to his relatives, who all seem to use it. I must admit I am very impress indeed. Very easy to set up, install and register, the whole thing takes about 2 mins. Plus with the new version, you get video as well. Unfortunately for the rest of the World’s Skype users, my lad spent most of Sunday calling them, which at last count was some 57 Million of them….. Most of them cottoned on after a few calls and refuse to answer… I can only apologise…

Mafia rules the Superbowl

I stayed up to watch the Superbowl last night. An annual jaunt into Americaner that I attempt - made easier this year due to the hollibobs booked off the day after (which allows for a 3am support of a very lengthy, advert punctuated game).

However, this is my last year.

To anyone who's seen The Last Boy Scout and other movies that touch onto American Football, it's full of high stakes, cheerleaders, huge moneys, cheerleaders, bit of chucking a ball up and down a field, cheerleaders and bets made on 'the spread'.

The Spread is an American system of betting. Win big lose big.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. The spread was against the Seahawks and so the ridiculous calls and 'yellow flags' against the seahawks in the first half of the game meant that they did not take the commanding lead they should have done, and lost the impetus of the game. Team psychology kicked in and when the Steelers went ahead it was a difficult battle to fight back.

It was a number of terrible decisions that were made by the referees, dissallowing a touchdown, shifting the ball so they lost inches, yellow flags a plenty. It felt as if the refs were making sure the Seahawks didn't get a toe hold on the game thus ensuring that when the tide of the game turned Pittsburgh could take full advantage.

It was as if the Mafia was pulling the strings in the background, ensuring that a great game was never going to lose them money.

I'm very jaded with the whole thing. That it seemed so obvious to me means others must have seen it to. Money corrupts, f'rsure, but where is Bruce Willis when we need him (The Last Boy Scout). Sheesh.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Half Hour Lunch Breaks

Why? Where I work you are forced to have a lunch break, has to be at least half an hour. If you don't they just take an hour of you anyway. I was thinking today that this is some great employer scam to get people to work for free. You see, "most" people have nothing to do in their lunch break, nada, nill, zip, other than going and getting a sandwich and maybe a paper. The fact is that an hour isn't really long enough to do anything decent, whilst half an hour is too long just to nip out. They know this. So you end up getting said sandwich and then heading back to your desk where you can pretent to read your paper, browse the net for half an hour convincing yourself that you're not actually working. The truth is that most of us are, phone rings do you answer, a colleague drops over to ask some questions, do you answer? Of course you do (well I do anyway). Somebody wants to go for lunch asks "Are you back?", of course you are. So what work have got out of me/you/us is half an hour of FREE time. Thats 2.5 hours a week, cheaky robbing b'stards. Why not just let me go home early and give me the free choice of whether or not I want a lunch break? They sprout crap about the law and number of hours worked but they are more than happy to let you work till gone 7 at night (thats 6 hours without a break if you do a 12 o'clock lunch).

This is the whole reason I started going to the gym, just to make sure that I had something to do in my lunch hour that took the whole hour and left no bonus free time . If only I had the energy to go very day, maybe if I didn't work I would. It might be a slight generalisation but all employers are in fact coonts, bring on that Euro millions rollover and rescue me from the chains of work and the ass holes that torture me every day.

Another Day in My Life

Internet Abuse! I ask you.

Ah well, it had to happen, one of the luckless Manx Lads has been cut-off. His employers (or Fascist Over Lords, as it says on his pay slips) have cited “Internet Abuse as the reason.

And this is after appearing on the companies Internet abuse list (distributed monthly to line managers) only 12 times (he has been there a year), and only 4 or 5 warnings… The whole thing came out of the blue… Whack! Straight between the eyes, he didn’t see it coming. Would they allow him Compassionate leave to get over the loss? No is the short answer.

Against my better judgment, he has decided to continue working for these dictators; I would rather be unemployed and destitute than being made to work without Internet access. I mean, what do they expect him to do all day? I ask you.

And all this on top of Shell’s record breaking profits… Coincidence…. I don’t think so.

I am Watching!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When I was a Lad!

With this article in mind, here is a comparison of my bedroom as a child and my sons’ current bedroom.

Mine (aged 9)
No Double Glazing
No Heating
Plastic Toy Soldiers
Top Trumps
Connect 4 and a hand full of other similar games

Son (aged 9)
Double Glazing
Central Heating
Two Beds
Televisions x 2 (15” & 32” Widescreen)
DVD Player
Portable DVD Player
Sky Multi-room (Full Sky Package)
Cameras x 2
MP3 Player
Nintendo DS
Numerous Remote Controlled Cars
Various Board Games
Xbox and Games
Mobile Phone (inc. Camera)

That is only the ones I can think of from the top of my head, and he wants a Laptop for Christmas…

I honestly mean this; “Kids Today, they don’t know their born”

Lucky Bastards

The Bloggies awards

Something to aim for for 2007 perhaps? I think not.

However, there is some excellent blog sites (as you'd hope) at the http://2006.bloggies.com/.

I'd like to see more categories (instead of geaographical blogs) such as sci-fi, tech, porn. And the prizes make me laugh! So long as the blog owners slap adwords on their sites they should be doing OK . . .

Public Information Announcement

Just to bring you all back to reality after Ady’s mushroom enhanced ramblings

In 2005, there was an 18 percent rise in disasters that killed 91,900 people.

There were 360 natural disasters last year compared to 305 in 2004. "This increase is mainly due to the rising numbers of floods and droughts that affect large swathes of a population; figures indicate that the number of floods increased by 57 percent in 2005 (107 in 2004 and 168 in 2005) and droughts by about 47 percent (15 in 2004 and 22 in 2005).

The number of people affected by these types of disasters continues to rise in 2005. In total, 157 million people--seven million more than in 2004--required immediate assistance, were evacuated, injured or lost their livelihoods.

Despite this, loss of life was significantly lower than in 2004, during which 244,500 people died as a result of natural hazards.

Just thought I’d let you know, as I have fuck all else interesting to write about.