Friday, May 26, 2006

Bugger My Fascination with Gadgets and Bloody EBay

One of the lads has a smart new phone, which runs Windows instead of the usual Mobile phone interface. It looks great and is what I now want. Notice I say want, not need, as I don’t need a new phone, as I hardly use the one I’ve got. Anyhoo, these are the two phones I’m after:

Qtek 8020 Smartphone for £159.96

Or the more expensive but Wifi enabled;

i-mate SP5 Smartphone for £300

In fact (I’m sure infact should be one word) I have made a couple of bids on ebay for them and missed out each time by £2. They went for £52 and £37 for the 8020.

In case (I’m sure incase should be one word as well) you were wondering what else I want, here is a list should any of you win the lottery.

Panasonic TH37PX60CAB  - Plasma 37" Viera HD TV

Panasonic VDR-D150EB-S DVD Camcorder

New Honda CR-V Executive Car

I want a new Camera as well, fancy new MP3 player, Surround sound system for the TV and loads more stuff…

I can only dream

1 comment:

car01 said...

You still haven't got the plasma telly then? Ours will be a year old before too long, and Himself will want something new and shinier, so we might be gracious and sell it to you on the cheap (£50 off list price, but you'll have to collect...) ;)