Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bugger this old age!

I didn’t get to use my super duper new iron last night. Straight after work I had Rugby, and during one of my scything runs, just as I was opening up and almost flying over the pitch; my quad muscle went twang. I went down like a ton of bricks. However, after much cursing, I picked myself up and carried on playing on virtually one leg. After all if Olly Morgan can play a Premiership match with a broken jaw, I can carry on with a snapped Quadricep Muscle; my rectus femoris to be precise.

Anyway, I couldn’t walk last night and only just managed to finish a Chinky and a cheeky bottle of red; through the haze of constant pain.

I was actually hoping it would be worse today, as an excuse not to come to work, but alas, although sore I can just about walk.

Another well done, must go to my wife, on securing her new job yesterday.

And a well done also goes to Mikey for his frequent; if senseless postings.

Later Days

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