Friday, June 02, 2006

Bugger All to tell you.

Nothing much is happening at all. We are very very very skint at the moment, however, we are not worried about that. Mind you, although we are not worried, it does mean that I can’t buy anything new, unless it is essentials, i.e. Wine, Cinema Tickets etc..

The TT is coming along nicely and more and more bikers are turning up. There were approx 50,000 visitors to the TT last year, which is a hell of a lot of people to cram on to an Island that is only 13 miles wide. For your information the Population of the Island is 76,315 as at 2001 (which was the last census).

Although I don’t particularly like the actual racing, the buzz around the Island is fantastic. Everyone is just out to have a good time, and there’s never any trouble. If anyone is ever thinking of holidaying on the Island, you should consider coming when the TT is on.

More information on Isle of Man Statistics can be found here.

I still can’t understand everybody at work, fascination with Big Brother 2006. Are all the girls running around naked? Do you see Imogen Topless? That’s the only one I know as one of the lads keeps going on about her. I have just been told there is also a ropey old tart called Lea with and incredible set of top bollocks. Lea’s breast are apparently, and I quote here, “largest breast implants in the UK”. Aw well, each to their own.

I prefer House, and Bones.

That’s it really, the weather is great at the moment, and so I might actually get the kids down the Glen and tickling some fish over the weekend….

Have a good one everyone.

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