Monday, June 19, 2006

Daddy Day Weekend Review

Let’s start with a quote in the paper:

When Sir Paul McCartney was asked, “If he would go down on one knee again?”

He replied, "I'd rather you call her Heather, and no."

Anyhoo, back to the review.

Friday was the Betting Syndicates Day out. As usual I set a fast pace on the drinking, mainly because the lads were talking football, and as I couldn’t join in it made sense to drink. Plus I had hold of the kitty.

We then had few games of Pool, followed by Arrows, and then retired to play cards. At this point, I was up to 10 pints in 4 hours. As you can guess, I was was coooooonted. Everyone else was up to going to the Casino to play cards for money, but I decided that I best get myself home.

So it was a good afternoon, and I enjoyed myself, and won all the pool games and darts.

Saturday was Rugby day; I watched the Ireland v New Zealand game, followed by the England v Australia game, and then the Scotland v South Africa. England were awful and Ireland the best of the home nations.

Saturday evening, my sexy wife and I made a meal, drank wine, cuddled on the sofa and watched a film, one of the best evenings we’ve had in a long while.

Sunday was Daddy’s day. The start of which was delayed waiting for the baby to wake up (10:30 he finally stirred). We then went for Sunday Lunch at the Terminus Tavern, which was the best Sunday Lunch I have ever had outside of cooking it ourselves. I highly recommend it.

The other highlight of the day was watching Wigan v Catalans and seeing Wigan win…

I got two cards, two T-Shirts, a pair of Jeans and new Swimming Shorts, so a big thank you to two of my kids and my very sexy wife. Least said about the eldest one the better.

Hope all the Daddy’s out there had an equally good day.

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