Friday, June 16, 2006

It ain’t going to be pretty

I took yesterday off on a sickie, I decided I had only had two all year, and that I was due another. So I tweaked my quadacep muscle playing Rugby on Wednesday evening, which was all the excuse I needed to take the day off.

I spent a glorious morning playing video games….

However, today I had to come in as it’s our work’s betting syndicate day out. We are off on the piss from 12.00 on our winnings for the year, a grand total of £316 between the 4 of us. Of course if we had just put the £5 a week each in to a savings club, we would be going out with a kitty in the region of £2000… still, where would be the sport in that?

The only thing I’m concerned about is the amount of drink. The other three lads are big boys, not one of them is under 16 stone… I on the other hand am an athletic lithe 12 stone of pure muscle. Simple physic’s states that I have a much lower body mass to absorb the alcohol than the other bigger boyz. As long as I last till 5.00pm, I shall consider it a victory.

Baring in mind that one of the lads has three pints of larger every day for his lunch….

Still it should be an excellent afternoon of Pool, Cards, Darts, food and drink….

As for the weekend, it’s Daddy’s Day on Sunday. So don’t forget to get the daddy in your life something to show him, how much you appreciate all he’s done for you. Can someone send me a text pretending to be my eldest, as I never get anything of him….

Have a great weekend.

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