Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Live Coffin Web Cam

Honestly, this is real. We hadn’t heard from one of the lads that write on this blog for a while and had naturally assumed he had kicked the bucket.

Whilst debating who get’s what from his estate, I mentioned that he would have wanted his Bird Table Web Cam to be buried with him, as it was his pride and joy.


This then led to the idea of installing the web cam in his coffin, to slowly watch his corpse decay over the years. But of course with the Internet, if you can think of a good idea, you are already too late, it’s been done before.


So alas another money making scheme goes up in flames.

Oh! As for the missing bloggist, he was holed up in his money vault counting his .Com millions. Bastard!

“Few men have the natural strength to honour a friend's success without envy.”


Donna said...

I dare not follow that link ... is it real?

Jamie Dee said...

After looking at this link, http://www.seemerot.com/cams.htm i have come to the concision is just an animated Gif image nothing more its a HOAX.