Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sciatic Nerve My Ass

As previously posted one of us isn't well, that'll be me then. What started of as an occasional dull ache whilst on the cross-trainer over a year ago has just grown and grown until I now struggle walking more than a few hundred yards, even when sober. Reluctantly I've dragged my sorry spastic leg of to the doctor for a look, a few prods and whacks with a hammer later and I've apparently got something wrong with my sciatic nerve, whatever the hell that is. Google reports that it's something pregnant chicks have problems with so as I'm neither I'll expect nothing less than a full on piss take. On the plus side I've got some kick ass tablets to take that numb the pain, shrink the swelling and allow me to run around like a spring chicken. Looking for a side affect that might buy me some time of work sick I noted that they "may" (will) make you "emotional" or "irrational".

The dilemma is to take the tablets and move freely whilst feeling sorry for yourself and cursing life like a great big homo girly thing OR bin the tablets, grit your teeth and get on with kicking the crap out of life, all be it with a feeble monged leg. Me, I'll take the tablets, this really bloody hurts.

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No one Really said...

make you "emotional" or "irrational"

How did they find that out in women? Surely that is their natural state?