Tuesday, July 11, 2006


How many people have been “beasted” in the Army?

Everyone that’s ever joined.

We are talking millions and millions of beastings, and how many people have died from it?

One (Carol: in all your years with an associated with the Army, did you ever hear of anyone else dieing from a beasting?)

And some of you are saying that you shouldn’t join the Army???

Doesn’t really add does it? Not logically speaking.

The Army is a tough place and rightly so, it needs tough people as War is not for softies. They train hard to give them the best chance of survival in Active Combat situations. It is this toughness and professionalism that have made us the most respect fighting force in the World.

It is that reason that all you left wing softies are not either eating Bratwurst or some Argie equivalent for breakfast.

I would worry less about your kids joining the Army and in my opinion, becoming rounded confident individuals, with a sense of maturity and respect for their elders with only the remotest chance of dying during a beasting.

And more on what them smoking, taking drugs and being knifed on a night out or ending up drunk is some gutter. Which is the more likely scenario.

Just my opinion.

I actually enjoyed beastings, as I love physical exercise.


car01 said...

You're right Paul. In all my 36 years of having something to with the Army (my Dad was in for 36 years and is now a civil servant working for the MOD, and my brother is a serving soldier - in the AAC, no less), I've never heard of anyone dying from a beasting. Being blown up by bombs: yes. Being killed by "friendly fire": yes. Getting absolutely rat-arsed and beating each other to death: yes.

Don't get me wrong Paul. I'm not averse to people joining the Army to teach them discipline and to make them grow up. What I do object to is the way that the Army treats people's careers and long-term goals. The longer you stay in, the less useful the experience becomes for you.

No one Really said...

I actually agree with the long term thing, hence my desire for my children to do the minimum length of service, to get the good points.

And yes people do get killed in the Army from all those things, but hey when your time is up, it's up.

My first 4 months in Northern Ireland, I used to check for bombs etc when ever I returned to my Car. After that I thought fuck it, when it's my time, I can't do anything about it.

Life will Provide

Donna said...

I think I might just wrap my kids in cotton wool and keep them in the cupboard ... Dylan got a very nasty graze at the weekend, and I could have prevented it if I never let him out of the house.

I get your point, and I probably am one of the left wing softies. I just don't like physical pain or any sort of nastiness really, but I do like data and surfing t'internet so I think a lax job in IT probably suits me better than discipline and regime and all that!!

Gosh I'm wittering today ... why can't I just shut up? It's cos I'm bored and have no one to talk to here ...

Donna said...

(That's here as in at work, not here on t'internet)