Friday, July 07, 2006

Blowing my own trumpet

I wasn’t going to post this, as I thought it was a bit narcissistic, however, isn’t that the whole point of a blog to write about your self.

So here goes.

I’ve changed my routine at the Gym this week, I used to do 20 mins on the cross trainer and then finish off doing either 500 or 1000 metres on the Rower depending how tired I was.

But to I decided I’d focus on the Rower, as this gives a more complete workout than the cross trainer, doing up and lower body as well as cardio.


So I sat down for my forth session of the week and went for it….

Although I was knackered, I was thinking of my Beasting blog, and that this was the perfect time to put that mental toughness to real life practise. So no matter how tired I got, I just pushed that bit harder.

Well I finished on 7 mins 48.4 secs.

Which according to Concept 2 online site is ranked 39th in the WORLD in the 30 to 39, lightweight cat (under 75kg’s) for 2000 metres category.

And if you only take the 39 year old’s I am ranked THIRD….

I am a rowing GOD.

Being realistic this only accounts for people that have been narcissistic enough to put their times on the official Concept 2 website, but then again which true sports man wouldn’t?

Later Days


Donna said...

We are not worthy ;)

Mikey said...

Guess who just learned the word "narcissistic"?