Friday, July 07, 2006

Do Spell Checkers Make you a Worse Speller?

I have always been useless at spelling. I can always pass spelling tests as I am good at learning things, but once the test is over, by brain thinks that I no longer need to remember how to spell that word, and removes it to the Recycler.

So in the old days whilst I was in the Army and writing letters home, you would find half a dozen mistakes on each page.

As an aside: Does any remember the free Army letters you used to get, they were blue and about A4 size, once you had finished writing you licked the sides and it folded it an envelope, they were dead cool.

Anyhoo I digress.

So now I work with computers all day, and everything except MSN messenger has a spell checker on it. I tend to just try and get as close as possible to the spelling and then let Word sort it out.

Occasionally I will try and correct the word it is telling me is spelt incorrectly, but mostly I give up.

I’m a bad speller and it’s as simple as that. I have other gifts that make me special to make up for it.

Later Days

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car01 said...

Of course I remember the "Blueys" - you can still get them, you know. I've probably got a stash of them in my desk somewhere if you want them. Note that I'm not offering to write to you :)