Friday, July 14, 2006

Fickle Bastard

Just when I had jumped on the Firefox bandwagon, along comes another browser to pique my interest: Opera 9.

It’s virtually a Firefox clone, but with a little extra as well. Mind you I have no idea who thought of the tab thing first.

Two things I like immediately are that if you mouse over the tabs at the top it gives you a preview of that whole page.

Second, you can set it so when you open it, it will open on the last page you had open the previous time. This is excellent if you are half way through a page and your alarm goes off to remind you to go home, which means shutting the browser quickly and running out the door. When you get in the next day and launch Opera 9, there is the page you were reading.

I wrote this yesterday, but having played a bit more this morning, I think I might just prefer Firefox.

Am I Fickle, or what?

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