Friday, July 28, 2006

Idea #2

Learner drivers as flag-down taxi's!

The learner driver pays £25 an hour to pootle about town and the countryside, learning driving skills so it doesn't matter where they go. So if you needed to get to work, or book to go to the airport, why not combine the two! Hire a learner driver to take you to wherever you need to go - and at a fraction of the cost!

This also helps the learner driver cope with baggage in the boot and deadlines. (And yes - the irony being that every. single. taxi driver on the road has forgotten how to use indicators and lack general common road curtesy - so could do with a lesson of learner status road ethics themselves).

1 comment:

lambstales said...

What a smashing idea - no pun intended! Here's another - send a few of those taxi drivers in the back of the car along for the ride ... bet their tolerance of other drivers improves. Lol!