Monday, July 10, 2006

In the Army now

Just to give some support to Paul...

My son is 16 - he's lazy, moody and less than motivated.

I would LOVE him to join the army. He's perfect. He's very capable, strong and social. And can take orders.

He used to Cycle at a very high level. When he did, he trained frequently, was in excellent physical shape and really enjoyed life. Travelling the UK doing races and mixing with other like minded youths.

He gave up coz he couldn't be bothered training anymore (and I was sick of fighting about it). Now he regrets it.

So, what's he got to look forward to:

Travelling the world with a bunch of mates doing bizarre things like abseiling and leaping into rivers while learning a trade and getting super fit


miserably hanging round the local youth club, drinking cider and hoping that one of those 'advanced' girls will let him take off her bra (oops, that's my life I'm talking about)

Youth is wasted on the young.

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Donna said...


getting 'beasted' until he dies

Sorry - had to be said!!