Monday, July 10, 2006

Offended Me?

By the way, I never get offended by comments, and those of you don’t rate the Army, then fair enough. However, if you could have seen the difference in the skinny, chronically shy Island teenager that joined the Army aged 17 and the toned, muscled, confident well travelled killing machine Adonis that left six years later, then I think you would change your minds.

I realise that the Army isn’t for today’s teenagers as you need to be able to do as you’re told, and get out and do exercise.

But I would love all my boys to do 3 years, (which was the minimum when I joined). It would give them so much. And teach them a lot about themselves and discipline.

Mind you I left the Army 16 years ago, so god knows how much it has changed since.

Anyhoo, you never know, by the time Nemo is old enough, there might be Space Marines….

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