Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Tale of Two Cinema's

We often get stuff five years behind you city slickin' wallahs in the UK – and so you can imagine my excitement when I hear that one of the local cinema's allows for online booking.

Check it out – the website Palace Cinema allows for booking the mouldy seat of your choice and then charges you 50p for the privilege! Whereas the rest of the world considers self-booking across the internet cost-saving and convenient, the Isle of Man will use any excuse to whack a charge on (any of you poor soul's who have come over for TT week will understand). So not only are you fleeced on the ticket price, robbed over the popcorn and pop, you also stump up for not having to face the dead-eyed counter assistant.

You can always go to the other cinema - Broadway Cinema – where the best way to judge what is showing is to check on the Palace Cinema guide (two cinema's on the island does not always mean double the choice!). And the great thing about the Villa's cinema is that it is government owned. Yep – the Isle of Man can boast the only State-owned movie house this side of Moscow.

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No one Really said...

Don’t forget as well, in the state owned Cinema, that where you would normally expect to find the best seats, that is to say, in the middle of the screen, is a 6 foot wide walk way. This means all the seats look at the center of the screen from an angle