Friday, August 11, 2006

Business Cards

I get nothing here at work. Nothing. No recognition of all the hard work I do at all. Please stop laughing at the back.

Every year Bonus time comes around, and every year I get nothing.

They promised me training courses at the start of the year, that I would be a Microsoft Certified Administrator. Well the first course out of 5 of them is in October, so I can’t see them fitting in the other 4 by Merry Xmas.

So I asked for some business cards yesterday.

“What do you want business cards for?”

“Because bitch, I want to get something out you fuckers whether I need it or not, now just order the damn things and I shall email you a list of my other demands.”

Here are my other demands.

Company Mobile
Company Car
Company Parking Space
Company Credit Card
Company Laptop
Company Polo Shirt

They are fuckers the lot of them.

Have a nice week everyone and don’t forget to watch the Middlesex Seven’s on Saturday and cheer for Sale Sharks.

Later Days

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