Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Digg stylee site for the Brit Blogs

Have you all been over to Digg.com ? Nice idea - bit too techie and way too much info scrolling through every day (what? We all have jobs that allow us to constantly sit on news stories and latest IT innovations like barcoded frozen food to programme microwaves automatically?).

But how about a Diggy style site that highlighted the amusing postings of Brit bloggers. Start with our own linkages to the right - then start spreading.

So whilst some of us have time to surf all day - those of us with the menail jobs where we actually haveta work would be able to visit the one site and catch up with all the amusing/filthy postings of our virtual friends with none of the hassle of scrolling through months of tat for the golden nuggets.

Whaddaya think?

1 comment:

Melvyn said...

That's what RSS is for.