Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stinking Stinker

Stinking Stinker

I was stood in the queue yesterday at my local health food shop, when I smelt this overpowering stench.

I looked behind me and there was a pretty(ish) woman who absolutely stunk of cigarettes. I wonder if she had any idea, that anywhere within a 5 foot radius of her was an over powering stench (it was that bad) of smoke and cigarettes.

If you were incontinent and pissed yourself constantly, you would have the decency to be embarrassed about the smell and shower regularly.

But this bint seemed oblivious.

Why oh Why do people still smoke?

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Melvyn said...

Were you a typical English gent about it or did you actually say something? If people tell her how offensive it is, she's more likely to do something about it.
Of course in this case, you'd have to try and hold your breath whilst speaking which might prove tough!