Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Working on the Chain Gang

Recently, I've been going to the gym and taking my darling wife with me.

Now, as a person who is somewhat knowledgeable in training practises, I realise you shouldn't overdo these things. Burn is good but pain is bad. Simply put; you want your muscles to sing with joy as the lactic builds up, but you don't want to scream with pain as your muscles tear.

My wife (despite her slenderness) is not the gym-bunny people think. Far from it. So while I gently introduce her to this new concept - 'exercise', I am very careful she doesn't overstrain herself.

She was busy doing the leg extensions with me watching over her. But her face showed she was in some discomfort:

"Are you okay?" I asked
"I don't think so"
She grimaces.
"Hmmmm", I wonder, "Is it a sharp pain? Over the knee-cap? When you extend?"
"Is it sore here", I indicate, "behind the knee?"
"Your back?"
"What then?"
"I don't know, it just sort of makes me feel tired"

Oh. I see. Best go home and have some cake then.

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