Thursday, September 14, 2006

I have nothing to Say.

However, I have only things I can’t be arsed doing for work. So I’d rather spend 20 mins talking about nothing then actually do the stuff I have had on my desk for three weeks, one of which is marked Urgent. Mind you, if it was that urgent, they shouldn’t have given it to me. Give me a real IT helpdesk problem, and I am all over it, like Bill on Monica. However, any paperwork type stuff and bollocks to that shit.

Apart from that, things with me are fine at the moment. Not great, but not bad. I’ve had a good week in the Gym, although my right knee is giving me jip. I’ve had a week off the booze and feel like Superman. I’ve played some Xbox 360, I’ve played some PC games, I’ve watched some films and TV, read loads of books to my 2 year old, I’ve bought a couple of small things on the Internet (which reminds me, if you buy a computer mouse on eBay for 99p, then you haven’t got a bargain, you have actually got 99p less and a useless piece of plastic, NOTE TO SELF, if it’s going cheap, it’s because it is cheap TATT).

What else??

I’ve arranged the Boyz Xmas drinks, in as much as I have sent the email and we’ve all agreed to get pissed on the 8th December. That, is as far as I am concerned the end of the matter.

I have a MSCA course next week, which I am mostly looking forward to the free Pub Lunches, and of course the time away from the office.

What I really need is a good Party to go too. However, it always seems to be my wife and I that do all the parties. I was just looking at the pictures from the Halloween one last year, and it’s given my a yearning for a good drinking and dressing up session.

That’s it; I’ll finish there and wish you all a good night.

Later Days

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