Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A proper post about me.

I was in work last Monday and didn’t enjoy myself, an opportunity presented itself that one of the kids was sick, which gave me the perfect opportunity to hi-jack his symptoms and phone in sick.

So I took Tuesday and Wednesday off with a viral infection.

I was half contemplating to take the rest of the week off sick as well, when the gorgeous lady that shares my bed took ill as well. Which left only me to look after the 2 year old, so I did the honourable thing; I emailed work to let them know I was taking the rest of the week off on holiday. I find emailing in these situations much easier than phone calls, as you have time to contemplate and consider you words.

The rest of the week, was a mixture of administering medicines, cooking Chicken soup and keeping the two year old away from the living room where the “sick ones” had set up shop with the curtains closed. They spent their time, puking, spitting in to buckets, gargling and sleeping.

We had a great time, and they looked like shit.

By Sunday evening everyone was a lot better and ready (ish) for School\Work.

Monday was a sad day for me, first day back at work after a week off and not looking forward to the stick from the lads. We all take the piss out of each when someone is off sick, as we all naturally assume they have been swinging the lead.

Still I’m only in for a week, as I am on a training course next week.

In other news, I grabbed a Pink towel for my Gym towel on a dark Monday morning, and I am the only fella with that coloured towel, all the rest use white.

And finally I am organising our Boyz Annual All Day Christmas Drinks, I have already had more confirmations than I had last year.

The usual stuff:

Bushy’s for a slap up dinner of Sausage Chips & Beans

Then much drinking and wearing of Santa Hats.

Later Days

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Donna said...

Cool ... Christmas All Day drinking session arranged in September ... I can see you have your priorities right!!