Friday, September 08, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

There are two things that save this movie from the Z-List bargain bucket of forgettable films. They are the mother-fuckin' Snakes (more preceisely, the special effects) and the mother-fuckin' Sammy L. Jackson.

This is the movie that the internet fan-boys made. Such hype was made over the simplicity of the title (ur... see above) and when Sam L Jackson signed up for the lead role - the geekgasm orgy began. The internet fanbase drew up the film logo, suggested lines to be inserted into the movie, and prompted the shooting of extra scenes to insert extra lines of dialogue and a boobies shot.

Unfortunately, the movie is poorly made, amateurish attempt at a B movie.

I like B movies. I like Tremors and Bubba HoTep and the low budget 'student cutting his teeth' movies. Inventive, witty, a guilty joy of two hours

But Snakes on a Plane is a poor, jigsaw attempt that relies on the sfx and SLJ to lift it into cinema's (and any movie that reaches the Isle of Man will have been pushed hard by the studios). There are some other moments and clips of dialogue that make an impact, but they are muddied by the "no cause -> erratic effect" and plain to boring film-making.

Luckily though, thanks to the Island getting it's movies two months behind all you mainlanders, you'll have either gone to see the movie and can make an informed opinion of your own, or it will now be a faint blip on the cinema radar and you'll p'rolly catch it on sky movies inbetween Sexcetera and Porn Valley . . .

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