Thursday, September 14, 2006

SS Doomtrooper

Speaking of B movies (such as Snakes on a Plane) - I caught a 'so bad I had to watch it til the end' movie last night called SS Doomtrooper.

Some decent actors ploughed through a hackneyed and chop-shopped script that seemed ripped from other movies (take your pick of any WW2 movie). What it lacked in originality, style and dialogue, was certainly made up for in it's lack of special effects.

The story was about a Nazi scientist creating a super-soldier masked hulk dude. The allies putting together a dirty dozen team of convicts to take the threat on. Wha-hey. So far so good. But what these actors couldn't have known was that the budget was blown on their salaries and nice german flags, cos when it came to the sfx of the german supersoldier, it was ridiculous.

Perhaps they had visions of a Lord of the Rings Troll type thing, crashing through the forest spewing bullets from an arm-mounted minigun. What they got was a playstation reject that was copy and pasted in any random fashion. Ahhh the delights of sfx gone wrong . . .

It's up there with 'Revenge of Billy the Kid' and 'Pinata: Survival Island'

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