Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nope Nothing !

Yet again I find myself with nothing to do at work. I really am more than half tempted to actually see if any one needs a hand, or have anything that they want looking at. I have had a few requests from the lads for different things to search on the web for, but it’s not that easy.

My desk is right next to the tea/coffee machine, right next to the printers and on the main walk way through the office, so there is always somebody walking past me. Therefore I just can’t surf willy nilly as somebody would bound to make a snide comment. So what I have to do is surf to a web page and then copy and paste the contents in to Word, I then pretend to be constantly working on documents.

If I am this bored tomorrow, I’m either going to take a sickie or ask for some work to do.

As for things to do this week, I forgot about going round the Manx Canadian’s house on Thursday with the lads. Plus there is a load of Rugby on this weekends TV.

Last night I had a great time, the youngest and I went up the park. I love playing in the park in the dark. We ran around and had the whole place to ourselves with lots of laughing and giggling. It was a very mild night.

After the tired little bunny went to bed, the wife and I had a fantastically relaxing night, with some pink bubbly.

Right, I’m off to do some practise questions on the MSCA exam. It’s amazing that 99% of the questions for the exam didn’t get covered on the course and Microsoft expect you to do the extra learning yourself.

Well have a great day everybody.

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