Wednesday, November 08, 2006

As a Parent...

...I read this story with a heavy heart:

Depressed Little Girl

It tells the tale of a lovely little 4-year old girl who has been diagnosed with depression by her GP due to missing out on attending the same primary school as her nursery friends.

Although this seems to pale into insignificance compared to being behind with the Mortgage payments or being dumped by your girlfriend, it should be remembered that everything is relative. To this little girl, this is the end of her world.

So, she should be treated just as we would treat an adult suffering with depression.

i.e. Suck it up Princess, life's a bitch.

And the mother is letting her stay off school!!! What kind of bollocks is that? Exactly how is she gonna make new friends that way? They're setting the poor bitch up for a life of misery and disappointment.

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