Monday, November 13, 2006


The bloke I sit opposite is a real jobs-worth. A real tight-fisted, know-it-all. He loves quoting pseudo-legal jargon at Car Dealerships, the MEA, Waltons, the Govt and basically anyone he can avoid paying (even if they've done their jobs).

And although he is payed Contractor Rates, he does little work and has no shame in falling asleep in his chair at least once a day (but always gets his invoices in on time).

Today, I heard him telling his bank that he wouldn't pay their charges which were 'incompatible' with the services provided. That £25 for an overdraft letter was totally innapropriate and (signed Contract or not) that he looked forward to seeing them in court where they'd have to 'justify' their inflated charges.

He was clearly very proud of himself. Another company screwed.

He came off the phone and asked me what I thought about Banks outrageous charges. He was obviously intending to impress me (and anyone listening) with his shrewd, business acumen.

Before he could begin his diatribe, I jumped in (pretending I hadn't heard his call)

"Charging £25 for a letter does seem high. Then again, their premises don't just magically appear and Cash-tills don't grow on trees. Then there's the staff to pay, the Computer Systems, the huge insurance they have, advertising and sponsorships, heat, light, and complimentary coffee.

"So, when you're in credit and getting zero charges, do you ring them and insist they take some money from your account, because it's unfair for them to lose out?

"I think it's pathetic the way people sign up for things and then whinge about it later when things don't go all their own way

"Why? What do you think about Bank charges?"

The above tirade is slightly abridged. Coz although I fucking hate Banks, he just winds me up.

The fucker is asleep while I type. NO SHIT!

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