Thursday, November 09, 2006


We moved in to our lovely home the day the planes hit the tower, 9/11 as it’s called. In those 5 years I have painted the Hall, (which everyone will agree is the largest surface area, with 8 doors frames to go around) no less than 4 times. In fact on one occasion I started and was only 30 mins in to painting, when my lovely wife decided she didn’t like the colour.

Of course she decided again, that it was time for a change, and picked a new colour. So yesterday I took one of my precious work Holidays and did some decorating. Wanting to do it all in one day, I set the Alarm for 06.00am and was painting the ceiling by 5 past. With the exception of 45 mins for lunch and the odd 10 mins here and there, I finished at 8.00pm, and only then because I ran out of paint. 14 hours of painting.

Although I am complaining to all and sundry, I actually enjoyed it. Firstly I got a day off work. Secondly you could see something at the end of the day. Unlike our visit to Steve’s, in which we worked all day and just came away thinking, what did we accomplish?

Any way I shall repeat the salient points.

Used a Days Holiday to Paint the Hall
Four times in Five Years
14 Hours of almost non-stop painting.

Thank you.


Mikey said...

I think a round of applause is called for.

clap - clap - clap - clap

car01 said...

Wow! That's really love. I'd've told her to do it herself after the first time.