Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother

What were the chances of me not having an opinion on this one?

I've made comment on PBs blog, I've freely joined in with the workplace 'discussions', I've had posters made and posted them around Douglas.

And yet, I've done all this based on what I've read on Yahoo and BBC News. I have been a less than conscientious journalist.

So, over the weekend, I felt I would need to actually, physically watch the program described as Celebrity Big Brother before one of the two miscreants were evicted.

I watched on as Jade Goody (described as 'White Trash' by the racist Jackson) failed to convey her opinion; I watched as Shilpa Shetty (described as 'Poppadum' by the 'White Trash') unfairly used her superior grasp of the English language to manipulate an already explosive situation.

I saw the others not-be-bothered-enough to do anything about the situation (or worse, to stir it up with their stupid scouse accents)

I watched all this, combined it with my own xenophobic opinions and what I'd read in The Sun, and finally came to my (Nobel prize winning) conclusion:

I really, really want to grab Shilpa by the hair, dip her in a big tub of Galaxy chocolate and then lick it all off. Twice.

Phwooar!! What a hottie!

p.s. Did you know that 'Poppadum' is not in the Microsoft Word Dictionary? How racist is that? These people only eat Poppadums and mud and we can't even be bothered providing an entry. Not that they can read, so I don't suppose it really matters.

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