Monday, January 22, 2007

Game are coonts

Just nipped into Game this morning to ask about Nintendo Wii's again, only to be told the best they could do was put me on a waiting list. Coonts.

I went in before Christmas and was told that nobody could be put on the waiting list because ... no reason really, just because. So how come today I ask again and find myself on the waiting list at position 109? I'll be in every day now until I get to speak to the floppy haired spot monster that was playing the smart arse before Christmas. I'm soo tempted to pen a complaint but I have the feeling i'll only be wasting more of my time, so a rant and fist shaking will have to do.

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Donna said...

Game have given me a tip off to phone at 9am each day (especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and if they get a delivery ususally of about 6, they will hold it for up to 24 hours for me.

I obviously have better tits than you :D (but still no Wiiiiii)