Thursday, January 25, 2007

Man Flu & Doctors

I have Man Flu. In fact I have Bronchial Tuberculosis with acute pneumonia. Or a very nasty “chesty cough”. I’ve had it now for 4 weeks and it’s doing my head in. I keep getting coughing fits, which almost cause me to puke.

It’s now moved to my head, and so my sinuses are full and my head is thumping.

I daren’t go to the Doctors, because the minute I get to the waiting room for my appointment, all my symptoms vanish. I walk in and meekly say why I’m there, and yet I look fine. So bollocks that, I’m not going to made a fool of again.

I’d rather spend all day and night annoying everyone around me.

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Donna said...

Hope you feel better soon. I think you should take the full 7 days of self cert to recover fully before returning to work.