Monday, January 15, 2007

The Week to be.

Well what’s in store for me this week? Well tonight, that gorgeous filly I married is out with the Girls, which means it’s a night in playing games (PC, 360 & Wii). I shall dedicate an hour to each and then wind down with a bit of TV.

Wednesday night, I’m out with a couple of old School friends, one of whom I have never been out for a drink with. I’ve known him since I was 2 years old, and we used to sit together in Primary School, but we’ve never been out drinking (legally). So I’m looking forward to that.

Friday I’m off to Dublin to do some techy work stuff, and hopefully have a couple of Guinness’s, if we finish before midnight.

That’s it really, my week in full.

Oh! Here is another Wii injury that’s in the news at the moment.


Mikey said...

The subject "Water Intoxication" on Wikipedia has ALREADY been updated with this story as one of it's references. I doubt that Encyclopedia Britannica has. I love Wikipedia.

Donna said...

I was just off to wiki to look at water intoxication and thought I'd read the comment first. I've never heard of it. Just goes to show what a useful resource wikipedia is ... I'm impressed (by wiki, not with the woman dying).

Mikey said...

I thought the woman dying was fairly impressive. I'd be more impressed if I could stop laughing.

Crash said...

Thought of you lot when I watched this.