Thursday, March 22, 2007


Took a long lunch break today, mainly because I couldn't wait any longer to watch 300. To summarise it's about a battle between 300 Spartan soldiers and the entire Persian army. Spartans are hard as, the Persian are all a bit airy fairy, so a pretty good ruck goes on for almost the whole 2 hours.

I'll warn you now, if there is an opposite of a chick flick, then this is it. We have naked lady flesh, blood, guts and every single death is in slow motion with extra added blood spray as a bonus. There are a few emotional bits, well I say that but they're all happy dying so there isn't really any emotional attachment between the characters. If you prefer your films to be "for the critics" then this may also not be for you, me, I bloody loved it! A complete and utter old school action flick without the compulsery hour of shite that they seem to have to put in these days to keep the ladies happy. This will be a must have for my DVD collection.

Favourite dialog:-

Spartan King: "I trust that scratch hasn't made you useless?"
Spartan Whose Just Lost An Eye: "Hardly my lord, it's just an eye, the gods saw fit to grace me with a spare"

Historical Accuracy - 0/10
As a Film- 9/10 (It would have got a 10 if there would have been more lesbians)

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LC said...

I REALLY want to see this film, but I promised my best mate I'd wait until he can make it up to London to see it with him and the problem is that his GF only lets him out once every three months, so it'll probably be on DVD by the time he makes it up.

Fuckit, I think I'll go and watch it this weekend anyway, looks awesome.