Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Anybody Had a 10% Pay Rise Over The Last Year?

Things like this really get on my tits. Has anybody really had a 10% pay rise this year? Come on, own up! In reality a few high flyers who more likely than not work 7 days a week, have no life outside of work and have sacrificed years of their life towards their career have had huge performance related pay rises, whilst Average Joe gets the best part of sweet FA (1-2% at most).

What bugs me is that these figures are only used for 1 thing (except for giving the government another excuse for one more job for the boys), to justify pay rises in the public sector! I can just see all the civil servants now "but I only had 4% this year"*, it will be straight to the union, the union who also happen to be civil servants hmmmm I see a flaw there. A full 25% of the entire working population on the rock is employed by the public sector, thats 1 in 4 working people, or 10,000 out of a population of 80,000. That leaves another 30,000 to pay for 50,000. Ignoring the fact that public sector pay is already better than the private sector (for roughly equivalent jobs), I can guarantee bigger pay rises this year, a greater gap in salaries between them and us, and a much bigger pension liablilty for the other 3 quarters of the working population to cover. Bastards.

*Ignoring the increment that every civil servant not at the top of their scale gets, which more likely brings it closer to 6-7%


car01 said...

Yep, I had a 10% payrise this year, and I don't work 7 day weeks either.

Also, civil servants (and other public servants such as NHS workers) at the top of their scale don't get an automatic increment every year - they only get whatever payrise is collectively bargained for them.

PaulB said...

10%, i'm impressed! Of all my mates on Mann most have had to settle with 1-2% at best for the past couple of years running. Mine was about 17% but again no prises for guessing where I was working.

In the case of the Manx civil service you are talking about collective bargaining between 2 groups both comprised of civil servants/public sector workers. "How much should we give ourselves this year lads?" Well, lets see what the stats say... As it stands there is no input into this process from the people who foot the bill for it.

Health workers are slighly different, they have an external union.