Friday, March 09, 2007

Inane Drivel

Thank Christ it’s Friday at last. This week has dragged and dragged, and finally the end is neigh. I can’t be bothered to do any work today, hence the blog post that isn’t actually going to be about anything.

I had a lovely walk to work this morning (I warned you this post would be banal), the Sun was pretty much shinning, the birds may or may not have been singing (as I had my headphones on and listening to the “Best of Johnny Cash” I couldn’t hear). So the day started well, it’s that now I’m in work, I can’t be arsed to do anything.

I finally got notification, a month after my interview that I wasn’t successful in my application to that job I went for. This is a bummer, out of all the jobs I’ve applied for in the last 2 years, that was the only one I really wanted! So I have decided that I’m not applying for anymore jobs. I am just going to sit on this Gravy Train until I’m pushed or fall off. I get paid reasonably well, and I do very little (which is half the reason I want to move). At least I have made a firm decision, one way or the other.

I did “win” a Tier 3 award through work, which is our Employers way of making you feel like you are a valuable asset without actually costing them anything. I won mine for “Exemplary efforts during office systems migration and upgrading”, however, the secretary upstairs also won one for “Excellent claims handling service to ****** Insurance Limited”, where all she does is type out the minutes, print and post them. So you see how cooonting shallow and pointless they are. Yet there a brown nose cooooooonts around here that print them off (you get a little certificate) and pin them to their cubicle’s. TWATS.

I almost forgot, what with the idle ramblings of a bored person, I got a new wife last night. She’s a right looker as well. Who said, Blondes have more fun? Brunettes are right goers. I now have my very own LBFM.

Tonight, we have a couple coming round to taste my new wife’s culinary mastery, and of course sample some of our shop bought wines.

Saturday is an early Birthday for middle Son as he’s off on a School trip early Sunday, which is his actual Birthday.

Of course there is loads of Rugby on as well, this weekend.

That’s it. See ya.

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