Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is there a doctor in the house?

I hate going to the doctor, probably more than anything else ever. I'd rather go shopping around Tescos on a Sunday than go to the doctor so I'm going to need a little help with my symptoms:-

  • Pounding headache

  • Everything above my neck feels swollen, it feel like I'm growing horns from my temples

  • Dizziness and throwing up

  • At least 2 blackouts a day, for no more than a few seconds though

  • Difficuly breathing

  • Polar heart monitor says my heart rate is very fast

  • By far the wierdest, I can't yawn. I feel tired, I try to yawn and then half way through my body just stops. It then takes 3 or 4 more goes before I can complete my yawn

I've had this for the last couple of days now, I thought it was a hangover at first but this is a new one on me, I'm guessing that this is what a migraine feels like? I've never had one so I'm not sure, anybody whose ever had a migrane like to comment?


Donna said...

I have no migraine experience to offer, but I would encourage you to go to the doctor.

No one Really said...

Doctor's are for wimps....

I think you need an emergency self administered tracheotomy, then wire up the lamp shade to your chest, shout “Clear” as loud as you can and then throw on the switch.

Failing that, you might just need some hair of the dog; down two bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale and wait 12 hours, if symptoms persist, only then must you go to the Doctors.

Because you know damn well, the minute you walk in the Waiting Room, the symptoms will disappear, and you’ll be left looking like a whinging hypochondriac (ie. Michael)

PaulB said...

I was kind of hoping that somebody would say, "yeah that's a migraine". Anyhoo, by a process of elimination i've worked out that I've hurt my neck. Its slowly stiffened up over the week, I'm going to check the plugs in the house to see which can give me the biggest fix.

Mikey said...

It ain't a migraine.

Go to the doctor.