Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It’s Blatant False Advertising.

The window of our local Ann Summer’s has a huge sticker advertising their latest Remote Controlled Sex Toy: The Love Bug.

To Quote the Website:
Picture the scene: dinner à deux in your favourite restaurant when suddenly whoosh - vibrations so divine you're clenching the tablecloth in ecstasy. This deceptively powerful matt silver love egg features three speeds and four pulse settings, all operated by the remote control with a range of 6 metres. Whisper-quiet this baby works internally or externally for some serious clitoral lovin'.

However, as part of the advert there is a Remote control as used by Model enthusiasts, a huge black thing with a 1 meter aerial, that needs gripping in two hands. Yet go to the website and it’s a discreet little thing that will fit in your pocket.

I think they should have stuck with the huge one. That’s what men want, some oomph! Plus the other part, the bit that slips in to “wherever” should be petrol driven with a pull start. That bellows a cloud of smoke when going.

What is also curious is the statement: “Not for use in Cyprus” WTF is that all about?


PaulB said...

I'm more worried by the "FOR HIM" at the top of the page???? My ass is a one way street.

Donna said...

I SO want to look at that link, but I think I'd better wait til I get home!