Friday, March 02, 2007

Middle Aged House Wives And Drugs

There's a class of person I hate more than any other. The lazy whinging middle aged lazy bitch house wife. Anybody whose entire "working" life has consisted of bringing up their own children (I still can't see how bringing up your own kids can ever be classed as work, is wiping your own arse classed as work as well, shouldn't there be a social security benefit for people who wipe their own arse?) and having lunch with the girls* should have the good sense to be fucking gratefull that they've had such an easy life.

I was in the gym this morning, I did a 14 hour working day yesterday so I deserved a trip to the gym, when one of the go every day, I married a succesful man 15 years older than me and he's kept me in everything I've ever needed since I was 20 women started ranting at the top of her voice about what a shit her husband was. What was the cause of this upset he'd caused her? Well, he'd only gone and said they can't go away at easter for her birthday because HE HAS TO WORK, she's got to settle with just having a big party for now and the holiday later on in the year! At that point I've never wanted to be a woman so much in my life, not to fondle my own breasts, but to just go over and twat her for being such a spoilt ignorant bitch. I hope he buggers off with the 20 year old secretary and leaves her with nothing.

On a slightly seperate note my bus trip home was great, I was treated to a couple of lads shouting about how much coke they've done in the last week. I learnt loads about the drug scene over here and where to get the good shit. Apparantely there's a ton of really good skunk going about at the moment, a few tokes and your dead on your arse. They then argued about who could get the most pills at the weekend, I think they settled at 400 by tomorrow night, so thats good. Anyway, the next time I hear one of the toss pot Manx politicians telling everyone about how much better life is over here I'll recommend that he tries taking a trip on the no 21 bus.

I'm off to get skunked up. (Is that how you say it?)

* A very lose use of the term girls, women who like to act and think of themselves as girls.

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