Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pay Reviews

Although I had a great weekend, what with Wigan winning, Sale Sharks drawing (which is a hell of a lot better than they have done for the last 8 games) and all the other Rugby that was on.

Not to mention a lovely Mother’s Day and playing with the kids, there was something on my mind most of the weekend, especially when I wasn’t doing anything and the brain wanders.

You see at work, I accidentally came across the MD’s encrypted email, with a password protected spreadsheet that showed what everyone’s wages are, what they will be after the pay increase, and of course everyone’s Bonus for last year and this.

Then after stumbling upon it, the email accidentally decrypted and then the password, just sort of popped in to my head.

I don’t really mind what other people get, good for them, everyone needs to look after themselves. But what really get’s me is the fact that as the only IT person in the company, I’m treated as an unnecessary extra. They don’t see me as adding anything to the whole. Only three people didn’t get a Bonus this year, one is leaving it a month, one only joined 3 months ago and ME, who has been here 4 years, without getting a bonus.

Christ even the Cleaner got £25 out of petty cash…………

By pay increase is derisory. £500 squid, when the average is around £1500.

But what can I do?

At least when I walk in to the little meeting we all have to explain the pay review, I won’t be expecting anything. I will be forewarned and forearmed.

So I need to have my rant prepared and then I’m going to storm out at the end, saying I’m going home….

Then my plan for the rest of the year is to do as little as possible and concentrate on winning the lottery or finding some rich ailing relatives.

I’ve lost my built up rage, so I can’t be arsed finishing this blog.

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