Friday, March 16, 2007

Programmers - We don't (quite) know everything

Just because I'm a programmer doesn't mean I can fix your:

- video recorder
- mail merge
- network share
- phone system
- excel spreadsheet

Actually, I can. But that's beside the point.

Everything in the world, from you mobile phone to your dishwasher has a computer chip in it and, therefore, sofware. Doesn't somehow make it my responsibility.

After all, you wouldn't ring up Mr. Intel and ask him to come round and fix your Microwave Oven.

And why not?

Coz he'd tell you to fuck off.


No one Really said...

You think you have it bad.

As the only IT person in the office, I fix/mend

Change Light builds
Mobile Phone problems/set-up
Swivel Chairs
Hand out the new phone books and recycle the old books(because they are to do with the phone system)
Wireless Routers in people's home's (I am meant to be able to know the make and diagnose what's wrong, from: I can't get on the internet.... Oh that'll be your NAT, it's FUBAR, they're a bugger when they go)
Desk Draws that wont shut/open
Franking Machine

I had to fix a stapler yesterday.


PaulB said...

Don't forget the fax machine, if you can fix a computer then surely you can fix a fax machine?

NYR, I think a lot of your jobs are down to being seen as the only propper bloke (not an office tart) in the office. As the only blokey bloke man in my last office it was also my job to remove Wasps and Spiders from the office. It's amazing how quick all this equality bollacks goes out the window when Mr Angry F'in Wasp rears his ugly head.

Add fixing windows to the list as well.