Thursday, March 08, 2007

Retort to Michael

"What I need right now, is money, not long term investments"

Which is probably what you said 20 years ago when you were offered a Savings Plan that paid out a lump sum on your 40th.

The Moral: There can never be too many smart-arses in the world.

For a start Michael, I've virtually never had a steady income that's lasted longer than 4 years.. And there have been plenty of years where I've had no income.

20 years a go I was holding back the Red Army in war torn West Germany. I would be paid on the Friday and skint by Monday...... That was the Army way. If you had money left a week after pay day, you were charged, beaten, buggered and thrown in Jail.  

I live and have lived my entire life; a hand to mouth existence. It is the nature of my beast. Saving has never been an option, neither has forward planning, or birth control.

But thank you for your words.

As they say, words are cheap, either had over your savings or find me a high paying non-IT job.

Thank you

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