Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sleep, Spelling and Nothing

I’ve been saying this for years…. I’ve been sleeping with my wife for something like 6/7 years, I’m sure she’ll remember exactly, and I still can’t get a good night sleep whilst she’s in the bed. I’ve always said we should have two beds, and finally the scientist’s have confirmed my theories.

It’s just not natural having someone that close to you when you are trying to sleep.

Whilst I’m on at you, I am getting lazier and lazier on this spelling malarkey, I just put down some approximate looking or sounding letters and let Word sort it out for me. I must stop doing that. Spelling has never been my strong point.

I have desperately trying to get a blog post out for a few days now, but absolutely nothing is popping in to my brain. I get the odd idea when drunk, but come the next day at work, I can’t remember anything.

1 comment:

Donna said...

Perhaps you should drink at work then ... Good idea? yes?