Friday, March 23, 2007

TT 2007

TT 2007: for once I’m really looking forward it to this year. It’s not as if I usually hate it, apart from the shitty Fair that charge’s £5 a go for a 1 minute ride. Fuckers. You then have the kid’s whinging to go down to the fair, and you have to constantly tell them, to ask their other Parents, but that’s another story.

Even the fact that my little Bro & his missus are coming over isn’t the only reason for my optimism.

It’s just that this year is my year to really enjoy everything as much as I can; even I have to wear those Rose Coloured Glasses I bought on eBay.

Especially since this year is the centennial of the event, and so far 19,500 motorbikes alone are booked on to the ferry service. Add to that the thousands of other people that are coming it should just be a fortnight of Fun.

It’s the one time of the year that the Island comes to life, with events staged all over the place. Plus this year the kids are older, so they have less looking after.

Oh yes I am deffo looking forward to this years event..

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