Thursday, March 08, 2007

You Can't Beat Free

Cable & Wireless had their Isle of Man Launch last night, with a Champagne Reception at a local Wine Bar. Being a leading light in the IT Industry on the Isle of Man, I was graciously invited and accepted in a similar manner.

I arrived bang on time, as is my way and settled in to my first glass of champers.

I soon realised I had diddily squat in common with the rest of the Free Loaders and so I found a nice corner near the bar and proceeded to drink as fast as I could.

I did get the odd stupid question put to me: “Would you like a top up Sir?” but they soon got the idea that the answer was always Yes.

At one point a representative of Cable & Wireless, who are going under the guise of Sure, did try to talk to me about the launch, but as she hardly spoke any English, I ended up ignoring her till she left.

I did ask her at the start of the conversation if she had been brought over by C&W to work here. She assured me that was not the case and that she was from the Isle of Man. No fucking way Love, was my reply, you off-white non English let alone Manx speaking come-over.

Anyway, 1 hour 45 mins after my initial arrival, I was well and truly pissed. I phone my good lady wife for a Taxi ride home, and went and positioned myself next to the finger food. Most people were taking one spring roll and a chicken piece at a time. I was grabbing them by the hand full until the call arrive to say she was outside.

I grabbed my bag of free goodies and left.

On that note: if you are going to throw in a USB flash drive, 64Mb is no use to fucking anyone……

It was a brilliant couple of hours, and you can’t beat free.

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LC said...

Pffff.... don't know you're born. You can get a LOT of porn on a 64Mb stick.