Friday, April 13, 2007

Fuck Off Manx Telecom You Fuckers

I should have my feet up now watching whatever bollacks is on TV BUT i'm still working. Why? Because of fucking bastard cunting Manx Telecom and there robbing shitty fucked up broadband service.

Once 5 o'clock comes and people start turning in from work my £30 a month internet connection gets screwed in the ass by the number of networks that have popped up recently. Lower your fucking contention ratio you cunts!!! 50:1, 2mb, £30 a month, you should all be lined up and shot until it really fucking hurts. Seeing as how the numb-nuts around here are too stupid to secure their networks by rights I should be stealing their connections but that wouldn't be fair would it? Anyway it's not their fault, if the Ward family really need a broadband connection so that their daughter can use MSN (looks like Manx Telecoms sales staff have been working overtime around here) then so be it, good luck to them, but I'd appreciate it if Manx Telecom might like to consider its existing customers before telling a whole fucking neighbourhood of feckless idiots that they really NEED broadband. My download speeds hover around 4k for 5 minutes before the entire connection hangs and I need to turn the whole lot of and on. This gets very boring, really quickly.

So a special message just to the monopolistic telecoms provider on the Isle of Man, for fucks sake please stop selling broadband to people who don't need it, make your contention ratio reasonable, increase speeds and lower your rip-off prices. Cunts.

(This post took 2 resets, it started clean, honest)


No one Really said...

I agree, although I live in a “proper” neighbourhood, with not a Chav insight. Mine appears fine. However, that is beside the point. I have been paying £30 a month for 2/3 years now and the service is shitte. Even if you move to Wi-Manx you are still over a Manx Telecom line and limited to their contention ratio.

So I second: “reasonable contention ratio, increase speeds and lower your rip-off prices. Coooooooonts”

brightspark said...

I have been writing to Manx Telecom, The Office of Fair Trading and the Isle of Man Communications Commission since July 2008 to voice my concerns about the problems listed below and i cannot change it on my own.

Many people do not understand what these changes meant.

Problem 1 Manx Telecom's changes that took effect after July 2008 affecting everyone

A) Most of you were changed from Quarterly billing to Monthly billing.

B) You now receive 12 Telephone bills per year as opposed to 4 bills per year and face higher costs.

1. If you do not pay your Phone bills by Direct Debit you are charged an extra £1 per month on your phone bill!
EXAMPLE when: paying by cheque, paying at the Post Office or paying by debit card.
This extra £1 per month is known as a bank charge that Manx Telecom charge to you
These banking charges are paid to the Isle of Man Bank.

2. If you receive a paper bill from Manx Telecom through the post they charge you an extra 50P per month on your phone bill.
The only way to have this charge removed is to sign up to an e-bill on the Manx Net Web Site.

3.As a result of Manx Telecom putting all of it's customers onto monthly billing this means that you all pay an extra £18 per year on your phone bill.
Manx Telecom are charging you for it's banking and postal charges.
This is unfair!
They should either take this up with their bank or pay for it out of their own profits!
Why should they get away with charging you £18 extra per year for it's banking and postal charges?

Prior to July 2008, these charges did not exist on your phone bills.

These charges affect the elderly who do not have a computer to sign up for an e-bill and everyone who does not like paying their bills by direct debit.

Problem 2. Extra Phone Charges.

In 2006 Manx Telecom removed it's freephone local directory enquiries number 192 and replaced it with 118695 and you now have to pay 30P to connect followed by 10P per minute while the operator looks up the local number.
192 was the number you used to call for free if you wanted to know a local number that you couldn't find in the phone book. Now you have to pay for it!

They also removed their freephone UK Directory enquiries number and replaced it with 118693 and you have to pay 30P to connect and followed by 10P per minute whilst the operator looks up the number.

They also removed their freephone international directory enquiries number and replaced it with 118653 and you have to pay £1-20 to connect and 30P per minute whilst the operator looks up the number.

Manx Telecom also intend to close down other freephone numbers such as 151 and 154 as i understand at the end of the year.
This will mean more costs to you in phone calls.

When paying your bills over the phone you have to ring 624624, so you get charged for this plus the above banking and mailing costs.

In the past the above numbers were free as part of the service and you all now have to pay for them!

Problem 3. Broadband prices on the Isle of Man.

Here on the Isle of Man we are charged £28.33 per month for Unlimited Broadband plus an average of £10-76 line rental if your on Standard Choice
(Line rental varies depending on what tariff your on) Standard Choice is average.

This means that you are paying £39-09 per month for Unlimited Broadband.
You also have to pay Manx Telecom a £46 for a connection fee and have to sign an 18 month contract.

If you are a WI Manx Customer it costs you £24-47 per month for unlimited broadband plus the above £10-76 line rental this means you have to pay £35-23 per month.

Here on the Isle of Man we are restricted by the fact that there is no real competition in the Broadband market and compared with the UK we are charged much more.

These prices have barely changed since the year 2001 and the Isle of Man Communications Commission and the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading are too slow in addressing these issues with pricing.

Manx Telecom have the monopoly and we cannot shop around for a fair price.
The Office of Fair Trading and the Communications Commission should take all this into consideration

In the UK people have the option to shop around and can get very cheap deals on Broadband.

Below is an example of an offer from 02 based in the UK.
This is the same Broadband service as we get here on the Isle of Man. 8Mb Unlimited.

Note o2 unlimited Broadband is £12-23 per month plus a line rental from BT at £10-50 which means you would pay £22-73 per month for the same service we get here on the Isle of Man under Manx Telecom and WIManx.
NOTE: They do not charge you a £46 connection fee unlike Manx Telecom and WIManx.

In summary we pay £39-03 per month for Unlimited Broadband including line rental plus a £46 connection fee to Manx Telecom.

o2 customers in the UK pay £22-73 per month for Unlimited Broadband including line rental and no connection fee.

In this example we pay a total of £16-30 per month more with Manx Telecom for unlimited broadband plus a £46 connection fee!

We pay £195.60 per year more for unlimited broadband plus the £46 connection fee.

The price we pay for Broadband are much higher on this Island and they can't blame these prices on freight.

This is a direct transcript from the o2 web site. There are other broadband deals in the UK better than this.

I have hilighted the prices in red.

O2: The name of this package, ‘Standard’, is really a bit deceptive when you realise just how much you get for your money. Unlike many other ISP’s whose standard packages are actually quite basic, O2 provides you with a range of highly competitive features that some ISPs don’t even provide in their top-level packages.

At £12.23 per month, based on a 12 month contract, O2 offer great value. However, if you are an O2 mobile customer then you will enjoy all of the perks of the package at a cost reduction of nearly 50%. That brings the monthly cost of the Standard package down to a fantastic £7.34 per month.

Included within this you will receive:

O2 Wireless Box – O2’s very own wireless router comes as standard with a 12 month contract. It will allow you to connect to the internet wherever you are in the home, from the loft to the living room.
Speeds of up to 8Mb – This is one of the fastest speeds available on a basic package and will ensure an efficient and high quality connection at all times. Websites will load instantly and you’ll be able to download songs in seconds. There’s also a competent upload speed of 1.3Mb for when you’re uploading photos as e-mail attachments.
Unlimited Usage – There are no restrictions to how often you can use the internet or how many files you can download with O2’s unlimited usage. This means you’ll have all the freedom you want to test out the super-speedy 8Mb connection. -No connection charge.
If you feel strongly about any of these issues raised then please forward this email to people who you think can help and also contact

Manx Telecom:

Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading :

Isle of Man Communications Commission (Who regulate the Phone companies)

Samuel Thomas said...

Manx are shit, Fullstop!!!!! they need to pull there head out of their arses and sort it out, bunch of f***ing pricks!!!!!!