Friday, April 20, 2007


Yeah I know every other blog in the world has done this but i've just spent 3 hours doing keyword reearch so thought i'd have a quick look at what searches this blog turns up. Here's the complete list of searches we've been found for in April. My personal favourites are, in no particular order - horny muslim lads, (i am ironman running in the hills from the klu klax klan) and scottish back search 135 degree angle. I can only guess that horny muslim lads running from the klu klax clan is something Mikey has posted about?

manx lads
the manx lads
"can't yawn"
can't complete a yawn
manx tt 2007
"not for use in cyprus"
"bbc hd preview"
"shilpa shitty"
shitty sticks for sale
easy tiger parties iom
"i hate going to the doctor"
horny muslim lads
isle of man drunk parking sleep
the hajib
stella i'll twat ya
"as you thrillingly drop your rubbish"
37wlt58 review
medium derek akora
fit chav lads
manx taxis
when i yawn i feel like throwing up
(i am ironman running in the hills from the klu klax klan)
photo buck shelford split testicle
(watch sexcetera)
"not for use in cyprus"?
"kill one man you're a murderer" quote movie
les film de shilpa shitty
the correct way to wipe your bum
manx teenager killed in iraq
scottish back search 135 degree angle
naama bay webcam
diy project raising fridge freezer up off ground
shilpa shitty
manx roundabout
watch sexcetera
arm rope burn nerve injuries
manx bored housewives
gym near westmoreland road isle of man
shilpa shitte
army punished in gym shorts and best boots

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PaulB said...

They were Google searches, forgot these from the other search engines:-

liberthine meaning
webcam boy child
gene pitney's funeral what- happened
shaven ravers
manx mating ritual