Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are the British media the worst in the world?

First of all I'd like to say that I'd like nothing more than to have that little girl returned back to her mum and dad unharmed, that's what everybody wants right? I'm not going go on about what I think of her parents parenting skills, enough to say that I've never left a young child in my care alone whilst I left a building for 5 minutes ,let alone going out to dinner. We should be able to do lots of things in life but pretending the the multi-tude of sick fuckers out there don't exist is at best ignorant.

However, ignoring the fact that we would all like to see her brought home, the whole thing has been turned into a great big sickening media circus. GMTV and the newspapers must have been rubbing their hands when the news broke as they all jumped on the me-too band-wagon and rushed to Portugal. "OUR reporter live from Portugal...", how many times have you heard that in the last 3 weeks? You can tell it's the British media as well:-

Of course the foreign Police are shit compared to us
Of course the foreign Police are withholding information by not giving us our headlines
Of course anyone even mentioned is guilty
Of course "WE" fingered the "guilty" parties
Of course we need to hear a different story every day from some obscure friend or relative who in reality has probably spoke to the family once in the past 4 years

And what the British media start we all follow. Posters everywhere, official and unofficial websites, A CHARITY, ASCII Images of Maddy on all over MySpace with "Click Me" To Bring Maddy Home buttons (How do people think that a picture made up of numbers and letters is going to help?). Where the hell does it all end, luckily the parents had some free tips this morning as Max Clifford was on with some advice on how to manage their marketing campaign. I'm assuming we'll be able to get "Bring Her Home" brand toilet paper soon so that we can't take a dump without thinking how lucky we are. Why, why, why? Pray if that is your inclination, hope for all hopes that she is found or returned safe but enough is enough. The parents will do everything to find their daughter, as we would, but in the end it's out of our and their control, not that the British media will ever let you think that.

Whilst you are all bowed down having some words with the almighty one you might want to spare a word or two for the family of these two. Sick things are being done all over the world, all of the time. My thoughts today are going to be with the hundreds of children kidnapped every week, with the thousands of people brutally murdered every day. I hope the British media wont mind me having one day not thinking about Maddy.


EmmaK said...

I totally agree with you about the Madeline case having been done to death. What about all the other kids who've gone missing, it's about time they got a little press coverage methinks.

Mikey said...

I agree entirely.

I only concern myself with people whose lives I could actually make a difference.

I don't get hung-up on media-created personalities (however deserving).

If a child goes missing, it reminds me to give my own kids an extra hug.

Kav said...

Well said, and it's not being said enough.