Friday, May 11, 2007

BBQ - the case against prior planning!

Me and the vivacious B have just bought a house in Douglas - a nice old towny-house (pluses include plenty of rooms for the girls, a 'cave' for me - downsides ' it's a cold, cold house, obviously haunted with the freezing patches that no amount of heat will warm). So to have everyone round to have a gander at the house, I arranged a BBQ so that friends and family could have a gander, chug some brewski's, throw a shrimp or two onna barbie. etc, etc.

So date was set - and as luck would have it the BBQ day fell on the sole rainy day of the glorious recent weather. So with a slight change of plans we had an indoor barbie, Burgers and hotdogs aplenty, enough pop and sweets to hype up the kids and keep them ticking over til the late hours, while the Barlows and the Fergie's and oursleves sat around, drinking our body weight in booze, and putting the world to rights.

It was a great day, despite (or maybe because of) the rainy weather. B having to retire early through drunken debauchery, whilst people started leaving (stumbling) out of the door around 11 pm. Thanks one and all who could make it - and for the next, which will be measles free (the King's), no outlaw troubles (the Rowe's), and not currently teching it up in India!(the Bullough's).


No one Really said...

That's the lamest Blog Post I have read in years.

Ady, you call yourself a writer?

Christ man.

Mikey said...

That's the lamest blog comment I have read in years.

And you call yourself Kevin.

This is how to catch crabs.

Bizarre Man

PaulB said...

squab floob.