Friday, May 25, 2007

Bring it on!

Looks like there are exciting times ahead for the Manx Lads, and I'm not talking about the large influx of hairy ladies due for the TT. Today is the last day of "9 to 5" work for 2 more members of this blog. So a quick count on the fingers reveals that of us have what you'd call a normal job.

Mikey walks away from a very well paid, interesting job doing something that he loves to earn a pittance as a self employed fool. Well I think the first part was true anyway. He'll be fine and no doubt raking the cash in in no time.

Kingster leaves the exciting and very busy life of IT Management within the dodgy captive insurance market to go and do something more meaningful like joining a one-man-band IT company. Again there is no doubt at all that after the clients get to know him he'll soon be the talk of the town and surely making a mint.

So that's it lads, heads up, shit or bust, best foot forward, no retreat, no surrender, THIS IS SPARTA (All be it a much wetter Sparta, with no food in the shops, god bless the TT!)

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