Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dodgy Career Path No.2

Leading on from Paulie B’s post yesterday it lead me to try and think of all the jobs I’ve had.

Deckchair attendant Douglas Prom
Shop Assistant
Toast Maker
Kitchen Porter
Starters Chef Assistant
Handy Man at Shaving brush Factory
Sprouts, Oranges, Carrots Packager
Army Air Corp Soldier
Outdoor Pursuits Instructor
Doorman (Many occasions)
Delivery Driver
Civil Servant (3 or 4 times)
Meat Packer in North Wales (8pm -8am)
Various IT jobs (far too many different employers to remember)
Landscape Gardener
Barman (on many occasions)
Brick Labourer
Security Company Director (IOMSA)

I’m sure there are a couple missing, but that’s the main ones.

I also once went for a Delivery Boy (I was 28 or so, so it was a stretch) job in Sydney Australia, but my plan to work without a work permit (I was too old to get one) didn’t exactly work. I told the Job centre I would bring it to the Interview, and I told the chick interviewing me that I had shown it to Job Centre. Anyway, she rang up to say I had the Job and could I bring the work permit with me on my first day… Doh!

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